Calling All Seniors


We had some AH-mazing Senior Portrait Sessions last year. Do you know what made them so awesome? Collaboration. I can’t get enough of this in my life lately. It’s been a missing piece in the creative process from me. When I attended art school, critique and collaborative creative efforts fueled all of the projects and ideas. I believe that’s what propels college students to stretch and grow at such a fast-pace, as they discover who they are artists. 

I had some really amazing students this past year, who had crazy creative ideas they wanted to incorporate. Things they wanted to SAY with their images. I had parents who wanted their students to be heard and I did a lot more personal coaching, including idea and style planning for their sessions. I have to admit, my passion for Senior Portraits was ignited once again! It really got me thinking, why am I not doing this for all my clients? 

I’m excited to announce some big changes being offered for Senior Portrait Sessions. Introducing…


So what makes the Experience different from a normal portrait session?

A huge piece of this concept is collaboration. I believe every single person has a unique story to tell—they have things that make them so different and unique from the rest of the world. As an artist, it’s one of the most life-giving things to help my clients SPEAK these words through their portraits. 

From the beginning, we’ll design a senior portrait experience that is unique to you. We’ll work together to choose locations that tell your story and choose outfits that highlight your personal style. You can glam it up or keep it natural. You can incorporate your interests in a modern way. They most important thing is that you have a blast and YOU shine through.

We’ve added something totally new!

Your portrait session will begin with a professional hair and makeup artist. She’ll show up on-site and make sure you look and feel amazing. After you’re camera ready, we will begin your 2-hour portrait session. I want you to be comfortable and natural in front of the lens, so we’ll take our time to create a fun and relaxed experience.  I’ll help you with your outfits, accessories, and posing along the way to make sure that each style works with the location.

It’s been really exciting and life-giving for me to offer this to my seniors. The Experience is packed full from the beginning to the end, for me—and I love it.  Because of that commitment, I am taking a limited number of seniors this year, to ensure a smooth and committed effort for each creative process. 

If you’re in the Class of 2017, TODAY is the day you’ll want to get started on your Senior Experience.  Don’t wait until the leaves change to book your session (there won’t be time)—we want to start now, planning all the details of your shoot.

I can’t wait to meet with you!  Ashley