indianapolis-professional-wedding-portrait-photographers It never gets old.  The quick snippet of a second when the shutter closes and I know--i just KNOW--I got it.  I froze time.  I stopped life and breath and aging and caught a memory.

It's hard to remember details.  You can ask my husband, Joe.  I often ask him to go into detail about "our first date," "the first time we kissed," "that night we sped past the security guard."  I've kept journals since high school, because quite frankly I want to remember--in as much detail as possible--the most important events of the past.  This is one of the reasons I love photography.  I love capturing a moment that may never happen again.  Photographs do just that.  Freeze time.

A first kiss.  A first birthday.  The beginnin

g of a journey together.  The image of a family.  The tiniest little toes of a newborn.  I look back at the photos of my (now) 3-year-old and remember what his little hair smelled like, the wrinkle of his eyebrows, his quirky cowlicks.  I don't ever want to forget.

Lifestyle portrait and wedding photography is all about remembering.  Putting a beautiful, crisp and captivating image to a memory that won't ever be forgotten.



When Ashley isn't behind her camera, she's working on renovating their new house and exploring her obsession with anything midcentury modern.  She loves to cook.  She laughs all day long at her son, Hutch, and daughter, Reese.  Pandora is usually playing in the background--the station is always changing.  And she can't make it through a day without getting outside to smell the air.

Photography by Rogue Art Photography


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